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Gabe Scott

Gabe grew up in New Jersey, but his lifelong fascination with New York City and the Restaurant Industry, lead him to going to college at NYU. Gabe has since remained in Manhattan and began working with several restaurants.

Gabe has played a significant role in many restaurant and hotel openings, specifically focusing on the marketing and concept development for the brands. After a few years of managing and consulting for restaurants and hotels, Gabe crossed paths with In Good Company Hospitality, where he was able to help develop the strategy and structure of the Marketing Department for the group. Gabe and the marketing team help manage, monitor, and strategize the daily promotional efforts and initiatives for all of the IGCH venues, as well as our consulting clients. Specializing in concept development, creative strategy, social media, partnerships, and digital marketing, Gabe brings several years of Hospitality Marketing to the rapidly growing IGCH Team.


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