Routh Chadwick, Routh Chadwick, Coaching and Life Enrichment

Routh Chadwick Meet The Member In Good Company Community Routh Chadwick of Routh Chadwick, Coaching and Life Enrichment is inspired by her grandfather.

Business Name:
Routh Chadwick, Coaching and Life Enrichment
Business Description: 
Routh Chadwick, LMSW, is a Life Coach/Work-Play Specialist who helps working women and entrepreneurs achieve their goals while finding more creativity, pleasure and play in their daily lives.  The concept is yin-yang – the yang being the passion, the productivity, the goal-oriented achievement; the yin being the balance of restorative, reflective self-care and creative flow.  It takes the integration of both aspects to sustain success in the long term and to live life fully rather than wonder, what am I doing it all for?

With a Masters in Social Work from NYU and a background in the arts, Routh combines her creativity and years of study in Eastern philosophies to create customized coaching experiences for her clients.  She combines elements of creative expression, sensory awareness and mindfulness practices with more traditional coaching techniques in order to assist her clients in getting the clarity, inspiration and direction they need to create the lives they truly want.

Start Date:  August 2009

Best thing about working for yourself? 
I love the freedom of putting my energy into what I am passionate about and the endless possibilities for growth, vision and wealth.  Also, I get to plan how my day flows.

Worst thing about working for yourself? 
I have to plan how my day flows.  Meaning, I have to master the art of time management.  There is a learning curve to this and I am still on the incline.  Also I am still getting used to not having the steady paycheck to rely on.  
Why did you start your business
It was a combination of selfish and service-oriented reasons.  I have a mission to support and empower women in their complicated modern lives.  I want to be a model for women who feel lost are stuck the way I felt a few years ago.  Also, I couldn’t see being happy working for someone else until retirement.  I wanted to be building my dream on my own terms. 

When did you start to think of yourself as an entrepreneur? 
It took me a while to get from the employee mindset to the entrepreneurial mindset, but I think I always knew that was what I wanted to be.  Part of it was connecting with other entrepreneurs (especially women) whom I felt were doing these brilliantly creative things and feeling like I could really identify.

How do you relax? 
I light some yummy essential oils, grab a good book or my journal.  I do brief meditations throughout the day, just 5 minutes here and there to get me grounded.  And I love long meandering walks outside.

What 5 things would you never like to be without?
My iPod, my journal, my Chapstick, really creamy lotion, and a good book 
Who is a person that inspires you?
My grandfather.  He was a person who put “play” into every aspect of his life.  He had a real joie de vivre that was contagious.