Alexandra Mayzler, Thinking Caps Tutoring

Thinking Caps Tutoring In Good Company member Alexandra Mayzler of Thinking Caps Tutoring can’t live without good music.

Business Name
Thinking Caps Tutoring

Business Description
Thinking Caps Tutoring is a comprehensive tutoring company dedicated to developing innovative and individualized approaches to teaching.

Start Date
September 2004

Best thing about working for yourself?
I don’t consider myself as working for “myself;” I think about my company as working for my clients. What I do enjoy about my set up is that I can devote my energy to things that I really like and am good at and allocate the task that I find less enjoyable to other people.

Worst thing about working for yourself?
The most stressful thing about working for myself is having the ultimate responsibility on how the business is run. I also have people who rely on TC for a paycheck, and I’m concerned about meeting their needs and making them happy.

Why did you start your business?
It’s a long story. But the short version is that, while in college, I realized that I enjoyed working with teens more than I enjoyed the possibility of working with sick people. I put my plan to go to med school on hold and started TC.

When did you start to think of yourself as an entrepreneur?
Fairly recently. Last year, while running TC full time, I started brainstorming for another company, and I got involved with a start-up. All the signs pointed to entrepreneur. Plus, I have never been great at having a boss in the traditional sense.

How do you relax?
I spend time with friends and family. I also go away so that I can detach myself from work. Even if I’m just going to my dad’s house, by leaving the City and getting out of the daily grind, I feel immediately relaxed.

What 5 things would you never like to be without?
Outside of the important stuff, like family, friends, and health … My glasses (can’t see without them), a calendar, my to-do list, good music and coffee.

What’s a business that you think is interesting or inspiring?
There are a couple of tutoring businesses that inspire me, but really it comes down to individuals who run companies that bring something good to the world in a small or big way and take care of their employees.

Who is a person that inspires you?
My students. I get to work with energetic and enthusiastic young people who want to get into the world and do great things.