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In Good Company Gets Uplifted! – Workout and Wine Session

uplift studios in good company social events women entrepreneursJune 5, 6:30-8:30pm

@Uplift’s gorgeous new studio just TWO DOORS down from IGC at 24 W. 23rd St.

You know that there’s room for both fitness and fun in your life. And sometimes, there is room for both in your night! After 45 minutes of intense strength/cardio training, class is followed by healthy snacks and wine at our studio. Get to know your fellow In Good Company females better as you unwind together!  

Uplift‘s vision is to create a women-only fitness and social movement that engenders positivity, self-empowerment and celebration. We know women in New York City and beyond want and need our brand of fitness, community and fun because, well, we are those women! Our unique style of combining fitness with socializing and networking hits just the right chord for so many women looking for that something extra. We offer a variety of group fitness classes, one-on-one personal training sessions and private corporate networking events for women of all fitness levels and interests.


To RSVP, email with UPLIFT  in the subject line.

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