Classes for women entrepreneurs at igc

Get S*** Done Affinity Group

Get it done productivity in good company entrepreneurs booyah

January 29, 3-5pm

@IGC, 16 W. 23rd St., 4th fl.

RSVP: with GET IT DONE in the subject line.

Are you looking for time and space to focus on getting one discrete project done, done, done? Do you work better when surrounded by the hum of others who are busy at work? Bring your project – the one that’s been hanging over your head or lingering on your to-do list – and join a small group of fellow entrepreneurs for a focused two-hour work session. You will greet each other, state your intentions, and then side-by-side plug away until you can cross that project off your list once and for all! Boo-yah.


IGC Affinity Groups are member-led groups of entrepreneurs in similar businesses or with comparable interests.

*Limited to IGC members. Interested in membership? Apply here.


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