Classes for women entrepreneurs at igc

How to Talk Tech to Your Web Developer or Designer

Technology | Tuesday, October 6, 1-2:30pm | @IGC, 16 West 23rd Street

The New York Code + Design Academy is passionate about building a positive coding community and believes anyone and everyone can and should learn how to code. NYCDA, started in 2012, offers full-time and part-time classes in web and mobile app development for both beginners and experienced developers.

In How to Talk Tech to Your Web Developer or Designer class, instructor Zach Feldman, Chief Academic Officer at NYCDA, will use the analogy of a house to explain the high-level details of what goes into building a website. He’ll also give code examples along the way, giving you a rare look into the code a web developer writes and offering a framework for effectively communicating your wants and needs to a … READ MORE >>

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SEO: Optimizing Your Website for More Traffic, Leads & Sales

Social Media | Thursday, October 8, 1-3pm | @IGC, 16 West 23rd Street


In this workshop, featured expert Nicole McCullum of Captivate Designs will teach you her proven techniques for reaching your ideal clients online and driving more traffic to your website in order to increase leads and sales.

Attendees will discover:

  • How to select the right keywords to attract their ideal clients
  • How to optimize their website to get found online and get to the top of search engines
  • How to generate more leads and attract clients with SEO

Nicole McCullum is the founder of Captivate Designs, a website design and SEO company servicing clients globally.  She specializes in helping small businesses and entrepreneurs generate more leads, attract more clients, and grow their business online through captivating website design, Do it … READ MORE >>

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Sales Lab – Authentic and Persuasive Ways to Get to YES!

Marketing & Sales | Tuesday, October 13, 1-3pm | @IGC, 16 West 23rd Street

This intensive training on top sales tips and tactics will set you up to get more business in a way that’s personal, creative, frequent, and effective. Ace elementary prospecting, promoting a product or service, from building relationships to asking for the meeting. Learn to navigate a sales funnel to ask probing questions, identify the problem, offer a solution, and ask for the order. Get good at epic follow through and learn how to make persistence actually pay.

Join us for an empowering afternoon to better understand how to get your prospects to yes!

Judi Rosenthal  is a nationally-recognized personal branding, self-promotion and communication consultant. She uses her unique combination of inspirational energy and hands-on know-how to help people succeed in … READ MORE >>

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Yoga Demystified: Styles, What They’re Good For, & What’s Best for YOU

Health & Wellness | Wednesday, October 14, 1-3pm | @IGC, 16 West 23rd Street

At its inception, the physical practice of yoga was a therapeutic modality. A teacher would observe a student, and design a personal practice for that individual. Like a prescription. In this lunch and learn, you’ll get to hear about the many styles of practice, who and what they are good for, and figure out what might be a good fit for you. We’ll also include some simple, feel-good movement, that you can do at your desk!

Erica Mather is the Founder/Director of The Yoga Clinic of NYC.  She is a known and respected yoga therapist, who has a flourishing private practice in Manhattan and Brooklyn. Erica teaches at PURE Yoga (rated “best yoga in NYC”), and is a lineage-holder … READ MORE >>

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How to Use Instagram to Grow Your Business

Social Media | Thursday, October 15, 1-3pm | @ IGC, 16 West 23rd Street

Do you run a business and want to learn how to use Instagram to make the most of your grammin’ time? Evi is here to share tips, tools, and advice to demonstrate how and why Instagram can help you grow your following and make marketing fun again.

In this workshop you will:
– Discover the benefits that Instagram can bring to your business
– Receive step-by-step instructions about how to make it work for you
– Brainstorm ideas on what to post
– Master how to take a great photo
– Learn about the tools and resources that can make grammin’ so much easier
– Receive “thumbs-on” support

Evi Abeler is a NYC-based food and still life photographer. She … READ MORE >>

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Building your Brand Narrative thru Influencers

Marketing & Sales | Monday, October 19, 2-4pm | @IGC, 16 West 23rd Street, 4th floor

Tiffany Hardin, a Cultural Engagement Strategist, will lead a class to understand why leveraging influencers across your business can establish credibility, trust, and a cultural resonance amongst target audiences.  In this class, you will  learn how to identify your brand’s core values, identify how influencers who share the same values can help amplify your narrative through content vehicles and discover analytic tools that can help you measure success. This will be a jam packed session geared to jumpstarting your approach to influencer marketing.

Tiffany Hardin developed Gild Creative Group, a consultation firm providing cultural engagement activation strategies (rooted in social) for brands & advertisers such as Airbnb, Target, Microsoft, Splash, and Mother Industries. Hardin is also the founder … READ MORE >>

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Looking at 60 Affinity Group – Fall Meetup

Affinity Groups | Monday, October 19, 4-5:30pm | @IGC, 16 West 23rd Street


A fall meet up for Affinity Group LOOKING AT 60, years, that is, is for women entrepreneurs who are approaching 60, or are on the other side of it and who want the additional support of a peer group to share, discuss, and brainstorm topics and issues that are unique to them. The meeting will be held at IGC on Monday 10/19  from 4-5:30pm.

 Karen Rancourt will facilitate.

IGC Affinity Groups are member-led groups of entrepreneurs in similar businesses or with comparable interests.

*Limited to IGC members.  Interested in membership? Apply here.

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Monday Night Networking

Leadership | Monday, October 19, 6-8pm | @IGC, 16 West 23rd Street

Do you just love the women at IGC? Do you want to spend more time with them? If so, join us for Monday Night Networking, the third Monday of every month from 6:00-8:00 PM. Our group will be a combination of networking, business support and resources exchange.

Here’s what you can expect (times approximate):

6-6:30 PM….. Introductions: Please arrive promptly at 6:00 PM so you will have the opportunity to introduce yourself and your business.

6:30 – 7pm…… General Mingling

7 – 7:40pm….. Masterminding: We will break into small groups. Each person will have the opportunity to share a current challenge and receive assistance.

7:40 – 8pm…..Resource Sharing: please come prepared to end each evening with opportunities … READ MORE >>

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Exploring your WHY: Digging into the guts of your brand to unearth your most powerful brand message

Marketing & Sales | Tuesday, October 20, 1-3pm | @IGC, 16 West 23rd Street

If you’ve ever dug into the neuroscience behind how we humans make decisions, you’ll know that we usually don’t make decisions with the logical part of our brain. We usually make decisions with the emotional part of our brain, which is why our “why?” story—why we’re doing the work we’re doing, why we’ve created the business we’ve created, why we hope to accomplish what we are striving to accomplish—is our most powerful brand story. In this class, Alex Honeysett will teach you how to identify your “why?,” create your brand story and weave that story throughout the rest of your messaging.

Alex Honeysett is a Marketing & Brand Strategist for entrepreneurs and the creator of I Want To Promote My READ MORE >>

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Real Nutrition for Working Women

Health & Wellness | Wednesday, October 21, 1-3pm | @IGC, 16 West 23rd Street


Join Amy Shapiro MS, RD, CDN of Real Nutrition NYC and gain an understanding of general nutrition, eating for energy, wellness and health and simple strategies to keep you eating right even on your busiest days.

Amy Shapiro has a passion for teaching people how to eat and enjoy the foods they love, while meeting their nutrition goals. Real Nutrition NYC is a private practice nutrition office with an individualized approach to nutrition. We help you meet your goals while enjoying the foods and flavors you crave and no we don’t ask you to change your way of life! 

FREE for IGC Members
To RSVP, email with NUTRITIONWW in the subject line.

$40 for Non Members



Interested

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Fundamentals of UX Design

Technology | Thursday, October 22, 3-5pm | @IGC, 16 West 23rd Street

An introduction to the principles and methodologies of the User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) processes. This class analyzes the key elements needed for a winning user experience design. Topics covered will include: User Research and User Psychology, Functional Visual & Layout Design, Information Architecture, Analytics and A/B Testing.

Elizabeth Echevarria is a Puerto Rican gal living the dream in the ‘Big Apple”. Born and raised in Puerto Rico, she completed undergraduate studies in the island and moved to the US at age 25. Naturally curious, Elizabeth has served in several industries including: scientific, education, real estate, healthcare and fashion. Drawn to her passion for fashion, she started professional studies at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT). Soon after, READ MORE >>

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Nail Your Pitch – Embrace your brand to increase your confidence and sales

Marketing & Sales | Tuesday, October 27, 1-3pm | @IGC, 16 West 23rd Street, 4th floor

Would you like to sell more?   Do you know how to talk about your business effectively?  You don’t need to be a celebrity or a large company to think strategically about your brand.  Your “brand” reflects all the experiences and interactions people have with you (as a business owner) and your company – from meetings, to sales presentations to your website, social media, PR, client service and other marketing activities.  

If you haven’t thought about how you are coming across, then you are missing an opportunity to play to your strengths.  The more clearly you can define what you stand for, the more successfully you can communicate with customers to increase sales.  In this highly interactive “hands on” workshop, you … READ MORE >>

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Get S*** Done Work Session

Affinity Groups | Tuesday, October 27, 3-5pm | @IGC, 16 West 23rd Street


Are you looking for time and space to focus on getting one discrete project done, done, done? Do you work better when surrounded by the hum of others who are busy at work? Bring your project – the one that’s been hanging over your head or lingering on your to-do list – and join a small group of fellow entrepreneurs for a focused two-hour work session. You will greet each other, state your intentions, and then side-by-side plug away until you can cross that project off your list once and for all! Boo-yah.


RSVP: with GETITDONEOCT in the subject line.

*Limited to IGC members. Interested in membership? Apply here.


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Doing Good and Doing Well: Brand Building for Social Good

Social Media | Wednesday, October 28, 1-3pm | @IGC, 16 West 23rd Stret

Being a force for social change is not the sole domain of non-profits anymore. The explosive growth of social entrepreneurs and social enterprises such as Toms and Seventh Generation, prove that making profits and making a difference in the world can successfully co-exist. But how? Building a brand as a social entrepreneur requires a different framework than branding solely for profit. If you want to incorporate social good in your existing personal or product brand or launch a new brand in this field, then you don’t want to miss this informative class.

Kimberly Seals Allers, who has built a nationally-recognized personal brand as a change agent in maternal and child health and a consultant in health communications, will walk … READ MORE >>

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How to Super-Charge Your Word-of-Mouth Marketing With Social Objects

Social Media | Thursday, October 29, 1-3pm | @IGC, 16 West 23rd Street

This two hour class will give you a new framework to think about how to create meaningful connections between your brand and your customers and your customers with each other. The Social Object is the reason two people are talking to each other, as opposed to talking to somebody else. And social objects, as a marketing tool for your business, can be a highly effective way to grow a referral engine that results in sales, but isn’t sales-y. Why? Because social objects begin with story. Intrigued? Join us.

Melea Seward is a communications and strategy consultant, writer, speaker, and educator. She has extensive experience working online and offline to create meaningful and memorable content. Melea has demonstrated success in leveraging … READ MORE >>