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The Power of Photography, How to Make Your Brand Stand Out!



Great photography is the single most important component in communicating your brand in today’s markets. A beautiful, well-styled picture can elevate your products and services, build trust, create media attention and give you the edge on your competitors. Let’s get started:

1. Build Your Image Strategy

Whether you DIY, purchase stock photography or hire a photographer the first thing is to think about your image strategy. What does your brand stand for? Who is your audience? How will you use your images? Collect a few words that describe your brand for example: clean and simple, or beautiful and luxurious.


2. Get Inspired

Look for images that inspire you and fit your brand. Rip out pages from magazines and create … READ MORE >>

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9 Tips on Running a Successful Kickstarter Campaign from 3 Women Who Have Done It

I love small business stories. I find the purpose, the passion, and the suspense intoxicating. It’s no wonder then that the site Kickstarter has become a (not so) guilty pleasure for me. For those that don’t know, Kickstarter is a popular online funding platform that allows people to offer incentives and rewards in exchange for monetary contributions that are to be used to help create or further a creative project – often a business. It is like a mini-investment but the creators don’t need to sacrifice their equity.

Recently I talked with 3 entrepreneurs who have run successful and compelling Kickstarter campaigns. I was interested to hear about what they learn and find out more about their own impressions of … READ MORE >>

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Turning Down Press: Does It Help or Harm the Business?

I’ve long known that saying no is an important part of keeping your business on track. The more encumbered you are with busy work, the less headway you can make. Recently however, saying no has entered a new frontier for me – turning down press opportunities. As much as it kills me to give up theoretical exposure to potential members, the truth is I’ve found that press doesn’t often have the impact that you might think it should.

Don’t get me wrong…our February 2008 feature in the New York Times was and continues to be a boon to our business. I thank the internet gods regularly for keeping that awesome piece of press so findable. We have certainly gotten business … READ MORE >>

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Our Online Photographs and Staying in the Game


Is your online web presence missing just one little thing, for example, your photograph?   I dodged this vexing question for as long as I possibly could, because I’m safely beyond the age of twenty-five and don’t scream with delight at the way I photograph.  I’m a baby boomer.

Years ago I acted professionally, and my headshots were updated regularly; when I stopped performing, I no longer needed them.  Then came digital proliferation, which made me less comfortable in front of a camera.  Too many people preferred photographing a moment to just being in it.  It got hard to escape unflattering images of myself.  The Internet exacerbated everything, with ubiquitous prompts of, “Your profile is better with a photo!”… … READ MORE >>

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Whip + Click – A Smart Creative Collaboration between Two Businesses

As the child-rearing saying goes, “it takes a village.” Not only is this true of babies, it’s also true of raising a business. The more people truly invested, the better the outcome. I believe that collaboration and community are the cornerstones to any successful venture and as such, I LOVE seeing great examples of entrepreneurs helping each other out.

A couple weeks ago I was delighted to get an email announcing the launch of a new blog, whip + click – which cleverly showcases the talents of pastry chef Albane and food photographer Evi. It’s not just gorgeous, it’s brilliant. It perfectly demonstrates their capabilities, provides a wonderful creative outlet and living portfolio, and comes with all the added … READ MORE >>

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Improve Your Public Speaking Skills this Summer

As I write this, the temperature in NYC is about to hit 90, and the humidity is crawling towards unbearable. It used to be that the “dog days of summer” (weather not fit for a dog) began in August, but we seem to have moved that schedule up.

This has me thinking about what can be accomplished — besides going to the beach or hitting every brunch spot in Brooklyn — during a period that’s typically best known for melting people’s minds.

My plan is to finish writing my communications book, and publish it right after Labor Day. That’s a goal that will keep me awake… improve my public speaking coach profile… and still leave time for the occasional … READ MORE >>

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Are We Being Safe Online?


This infographic from Online Marketing Degree speaks for itself. So interesting.


Thanks to @awesomepeter for sharing!

-Adelaide…

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What Entrepreneurs Need to Know About Pinterest (Even If You Don’t Want to)

There’s no avoiding it…entrepreneurs and small businesses have sunk their teeth into Pinterest. It’s the next great marketing tool. I personally have had mixed feelings about this rush to commoditize it. Maybe I’ll come around, but so far I’ve cringed at the calls to leverage Pinterest for business. It’s not because I don’t like Pinterest – I love it! It’s an easy, enjoyable, gorgeous creative escape. Having to worry about my “Pin Clout”, number of followers, pins, and likes, as well as how to get my brand shared on Pinterest just ruins it for me. I realize however, that not everyone is as resistant as I am, so I wanted to share a couple of great articles for those that … READ MORE >>

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Resources to Help Entrepreneurs Make the Most of Their Blogs


Blogging, once just an activity, has now become not just a profession but a way of life. There is tons of information out there on ways to get started and how to set up a blog. (I suggest the WordPress tutorials if this is what you’re after). But there is also amazing information about how to make the most of your blog – whether your goal is for it to make money or not. Here are a few of the ones I like the most.

  1. ProBlogger – the bible on everything blog. Some of his once free content is now bundled in affordable workbooks – but they are worth it! There are also amazingly helpful blog posts from him
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Twit for Tat: Twitter Basics We Can All Use


Some people get it, some people don’t. Some people think they get it but still don’t. If you need help understanding, digesting, or using Twitter here are some great resources for you! Most everyone will learn  something from these, even veteran tweeters.

  1. Mom This is How Twitter Works – fabulous and funny graphic article from designer Jennifer Hische
  2. Twitter Video – fantastic video by the folks at Common Craft who make everything dead simple
  3. Twitter Guide Book – an all-things twitter comprehensive guide book from Mashable
  4. The Beginners Guide to Twitter – detailed, up-to-date, and written for non-techies by Michael Hyatt
  5. How to Use Twitter to Make Your Business Grow – the next step once you’re comfortable from the
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What to Know About Advertising on Facebook




Facebook ads are a moving target. They are powerful business tools whose features and options are constantly changing. Here are several helpful resources to make sure you get the MOST from your Facebook advertising campaigns. Read these articles and be a pro in no time.

  1. How to Advertise on Facebook – a entry primer from Inc. Magazine
  2. 5 Steps to Successful Facebook Advertising – the next step of detail from Duct Tape Marketing
  3. 10 Rules for Advertising on Facebook – a very detailed post from Business Insider
  4. Advertising Via Social Networks – a helpful primer and pro/con list from Design Sponge Biz Ladies
  5. The Formula for Effective Facebook Ads – report by Mashable
  6. 10 Facebook Advertising Tips for
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“Don’t Buy This Jacket” Campaign Reminds Me that Christmas is No Exception


I love the Christmas season. I love gift giving. I’m the person who has their Christmas cards stamped, addressed, and ready to go by
Halloween and the person who uses Black Friday and Cyber Monday to finish up their Christmas shopping (all done online, of course). I don’t normally enjoy shopping. I find it tedious and frustrating. I’m much too impatient and frugal. Yet, the holidays are a time where indulgence seems festive (well done, marketers!). I have a hard time limiting my gifts and even though I aim to get one thing for each person, I end up giving at least two or three.  I get so carried away that I often “forget” about the values that tend … READ MORE >>

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Creative Concepts Strategies for Finding the Best Blogger for Your Brand



Last week, I  spoke at the M2Moms conference in  Chicago; I spoke to a wide range of brand managers and PR people who are sincerely interested in working with bloggers to get the word out about the  products and brands they promote. Over and over, they asked how to find the best
bloggers. The short answer, of course, is to do your research — there is no one-size-fits-all directory of Great Bloggers.

There are a variety of Best Of lists available; Babble Media’s Top 50 Twitter Moms is a perfect example of a really useful list. Their list covers a variety of categories (Most Controversial, Most Helpful, Funniest) and points to some of the most prolific mom tweeters on … READ MORE >>

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Editorializing the Customer Experience: Some service business examples


We have been talking a lot about “Editorializing the Retail Experience” after our interview with Meredith Barnett.

Meredith talks about this important strategy as a way to strengthen affinity and loyalty amongst your customers.

We provided some other examples of businesses (aside from The Inside Source) that employ this strategy last week from a product/retail perspective.

We also wanted to share 2 examples of services businesses who take a similar approach.

The ever so talented dog photographer Erin Vey not only provides gorgeous imagery for her followers and clients through her site and blog, she also demystifies the photography experience and provides lots of education for novices who want to take better pictures on their own.

For example, here

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New Adventures in Publishing: The importance of niche, reach, and creative advertising relationships

(Vintage Chocolate Advertising Poster from eBay)

Another interesting installment in our inFOCUS series with Meredith Barnett! So far we’ve learned about her role at TIS, detailed why she is really quite unique, and discussed the importance of ‘editorializing the retail experience’. Meet Meredith at an end-of-the-month Ladies Lunch on March 24th.

Today we are talking about new publishing platforms and advertising trends.

How does the Inside Source fit in with other media, publishing, and retail trends?

As traditional media undergoes a major transformation (and let’s face it–a shrinking–think of all of your favorite magazines that have folded in the past year!) the door has opened for a new class of publishers to emerge. At the … READ MORE >>

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