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9 Tips on Running a Successful Kickstarter Campaign from 3 Women Who Have Done It

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I love small business stories. I find the purpose, the passion, and the suspense intoxicating. It’s no wonder then that the site Kickstarter has become a (not so) guilty pleasure for me. For those that don’t know, Kickstarter is a popular online funding platform that allows people to offer incentives and rewards in exchange for monetary contributions that are to be used to help create or further a creative project – often a business. It is like a mini-investment but the creators don’t need to sacrifice their equity.

Recently I talked with 3 entrepreneurs who have run successful and compelling Kickstarter campaigns. I was interested to hear about what they learn and find out more about their own impressions of the experience.

Find out what Angela Broyles of Winifred Bean, Ashley Rankin of Shredly and Sarah Oliver of Sarah Oliver Handbags have to share…


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