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Making Room for Baby: Discovering You’re Pregnant 3 Months After Launch


Elizabeth Cronise McLaughlin
Professional Path: Lawyer turned Executive Coach
Children: 10 month old daughter, baby boy due in July
Location: New York City

Elizabeth runs ECM Executive Consulting, an executive coaching and consulting business focused on guiding high performing executives through major transitions and toward profound growth, professionally and personally. She works one-on-one with clients based all over the world, and also teaches seminars and workshops for corporations, law firms and organizations both within the United States and internationally.

The back story…

Elizabeth started her business in early 2011, after opting into a layoff from a major Wall Street law firm. Three months later she learned she was expecting. Pregnancy notwithstanding, however, the first year of business was an absolute whirlwind, and Elizabeth worked her tail off night and day to get her business off the ground. The time period right before her daughter’s birth was jam-packed with clients, networking and teaching workshops. She says, “It was a wonderful, inspired and slightly insane time.” Her impending (and short) maternity leave forced her not only to accelerate the growth of her business, but also required her to really plan ahead so she “could re-emerge quickly and hit the ground running.”

On preparation….



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