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Making Room for Baby: A Series About Becoming a Mother When You’re Already an Entrepreneur



Over the years I have had many (maybe even daily) conversations about combining entrepreneurship and motherhood. Sometimes I’m the listener, sometimes the sharer, other times the advice giver. I have no position on what women at large should do with regards to work and family.  I think we each subscribe to different recipes over time – sometimes by choice, sometimes not. I will never claim that combining a business and a family has been easy. But I do know (beyond a shadow of a doubt) that hearing (and even witnessing) the stories of other women has made it easier for me.

Because I had so many peers who had already had children by the time my daughter came around, I was able to recognize my own feelings and experiences more quickly. I didn’t deliberate (as much) about what choices were right for me. I suffered from (a little) less guilt. And I never felt alone because at any given time I could easy recall the names of several women who had been in my shoes and survived to tell. The more I talk to other entrepreneurs though, the more I understand that this experience is rare and precious. Too often expectant entrepreneurs feel isolated and apprehensive about the prospect of adding a baby to their already very busy lives. While most are very aware of the blessings that a full life can bring, the very understanding that they alone control the tempo and their division of time is enough to paralyze them.



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