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When it Feels Like There’s Just Not Enough Time…Step Back.

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This week it felt as though I was trying to push two repelling magnets together. Grappling with a bulging to-do list, a seemingly never-ending wish list, and limited work hours left me in fits and starts. As soon as it seemed like things might come together, they bust wide open again. I’ve made progress! Wait…No, I haven’t. I re-centered, I re-organized, and I “re-game-planned” (made that one up) to no avail.

Technically I made progress, yet I still feel like I’m in the midst of the storm…because I am. We are making dozens and dozens of improvements to the space and also revamping our marketing and communications strategy. And, all while running business as usual and following up on a few big summer goals. I’m guaranteed to have more chaos before calm, and more disorder before order.  How depressing!

Experience has taught me that this is when it’s most helpful to “zoom out” to my big goals – past and present.

To ease my slight despair I took a few minutes this morning (seriously, less than 10) to ask myself these questions:

  • What has happened in the last three months?
    (in other words: What existing progress has been obscured by your crazy to-do list? AND What unforeseen or big events might have impacted the flow of work?)
  • What are you working towards NOW?
    (in other words: What is the underlying important reason that you’re driving yourself crazy with all these tasks?)

I did this even though I felt that time was precious and that every moment should be aimed at my to-do list because being busy isn’t an excuse for managing yourself poorly.

And by writing it down (on a real piece of paper…like from a tree) I took it more seriously and was able to see each list all together.

I felt much calmer and more directed…just in time for the weekend. Whew.


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