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All Hands on Deck: Hiring Tips and Resources for Entrepreneurs

Most small businesses are very tiny consisting of one person or maybe just a few people. With how much work running a business takes, it’s no wonder so many of us get burned out! At some point or another most of us will ask ourselves if the time is right to hire an employee, assistant or intern. Here are a few resources that will help you navigate the process when the time is right for you:

  1. Inc Guides on Leadership and Managing (lots and lots of information) and How to Hire Your First Employee (if you want to start at the beginning).
  2. When to Make Your First Hire, How to Find the Right Employees, and HR for the Self-Employed all from the Design*Sponge Biz Ladies Series.
  3. Wall Street Journal articles on hiring for small businesses: How to Hire Your First Employees; Three Hiring Mistakes to Avoid for Your Startup; Don’t Think Big and other tips for picking those first employees.
  4. The skinny on internships – rules and regulations – a NYT article on whether or not they need to be paid and the Department of Labor guidelines.
  5. Some helpful articles on hiring a virtual assistant – How to Hire the Right Virtual Assistant, Hiring a Virtual AssistantThe Ultimate Guide to Hiring a Good Virtual Assistant


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