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2012 Spring Cleaning Bra Drive

Journelle 2012 spring cleaning bra drive in good company


This Wednesday our favorite lingerie shop, Journelle, will be launching their 2012 Spring Cleaning Bra Drive, where they collect used bras to donate to charity and offer a 20% discount to anyone who brings in a bra. In addition, Journelle will also be donating $1 for each bra we receive and The Laundress will be giving customers a gift with purchase. For this year’s drive, Journelle is partnering with an organization called Free the Girls, which provides job opportunities to women rescued from sex trafficking in Mozambique. These girls and women are given bras which they sell at local markets, creating a sustainable business and achieving financial independence. The organization has been featured on CNN a few times recently.

More info below!  A great excuse to do a little spring cleaning and stock up on some Journelle lovelies!

























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  1. Enedina Flores says:

    Why have I not found you sooner. I love, love, love this 2012 “Spring Cleaning Bra Drive” and I so love reading through your site and blogs.

    Thank You, for so much worthy info and inspiration.
    Enedina Flores
    The next Latina Entrepreneur

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