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Twit for Tat: Twitter Basics We Can All Use

twitter 101 basics how to in good company


Some people get it, some people don’t. Some people think they get it but still don’t. If you need help understanding, digesting, or using Twitter here are some great resources for you! Most everyone will learn  something from these, even veteran tweeters.

  1. Mom This is How Twitter Works – fabulous and funny graphic article from designer Jennifer Hische
  2. Twitter Video – fantastic video by the folks at Common Craft who make everything dead simple
  3. Twitter Guide Book – an all-things twitter comprehensive guide book from Mashable
  4. The Beginners Guide to Twitter – detailed, up-to-date, and written for non-techies by Michael Hyatt
  5. How to Use Twitter to Make Your Business Grow – the next step once you’re comfortable from the Design Sponge Biz Ladies series

Happy Tweeting!


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