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Getting to Know You: The Best Networking Resources, Tips and Articles


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There is no denying that social media has certainly changed the nature of networking. However, regardless of how many Twitter followers you have, old-fashion face-to-face networking skills are still a critical component of business success.

Here are some terrific resources that will help even the most shy and apprehensive network with ease.

  1. Nancy Ancowitz’s Self Promotion for Introverts Blog on Psychology Today. You don’t have to be introverted to find value here. Everyone will appreciate how easy she makes it!

  2. Jodi Glickman’s Great on the Job blog on Harvard Business Review tackles all sorts of communication issues that are pertinent to networking. Two of my favorites are Breaking into a Conversation Gracefully and Exiting a Conversation Gracefully.

  3. This article: Four Networking Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making, as found on The Daily Muse

  4. The Smart Networking Blog by Liz Lynch

  5. This article: How to Cultivate a Network of Endless Referrals provides great info on how to get enough information from your conversations to provide and leverage follow-up opportunities.

Happy Networking!




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