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Why I Said No to Providing Windows IT Support

Name: Caroline Green

Business: IvanExpert, onsite Mac support for home and small business in New York City

We offer IT support for small businesses and home users in NYC. Three years ago we made a conscious decision to do only Apple and Mac consulting, and to stop working with Windows users. (We do, however, support Mac users in a PC environment or with a PC server.)

Why did we decide to say no to providing support for PCs?

After looking at our list of clients and the work we had done over the past year, we came up with a few reasons why we were going to stop helping Windows users.

1) We knew we were the best in town at Mac support, but we couldn’t say that for our PC work. If our goal is to provide superior service, then we want to stick to what we’re best at.

2) Our Mac clients were the ones we really enjoyed working with, and they appreciated our work and our expertise.

3) As PC consultants we tended to get treated as the “repair guy,” while for many of our Mac clients we became partners in the tech decision-making process for their businesses.

As we continued thinking and discussing, we realized #2 and #3 were probably true largely because of #1–that is, our confidence in our superior Mac knowledge was somehow perceived by our Mac clients, and they treated us differently as a result.

By now, most of our Windows clients have found other IT consultants. We do still get calls from PC users, and we always refer them elsewhere. And one of our few remaining Windows clients is having us switch her to a Mac next week.

Caroline Green


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